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Dr Oleg MELNYK is a Research Director at CNRS. He is the team leader of the Chemistry Systems Biology platform. He is also co-founder of the InnoBioChips start-up company. O. Melnyk is involved in the design of novel peptide ligation chemistries, of methods for total protein synthesis and of micro-nanosystems, such as peptide, protein and sugar microarrays. These areas of expertise are exploited in the discovery of novel therapeutic strategies against cancer.


Dr Jérôme VICOGNE is Researcher (CR1) at CNRS. He is in charge of the Chemistry-Biology interface. J. Vicogne is involved in the design of biomolecular interactions screening and biological assays in order to validate synthetic or recombinant proteins properties. His areas of expertise are Receptor Tyrosine Kinase (RTK) signaling, signal transduction and protein structure/function analysis. He supervises the SPR (Biacore), HTRF (Cisbio) and AlphaScreen (Perkin Elmer) experiments.


Nathalie OLLIVIER is a Research Engineer at the Pasteur Institute of Lille, in the Chemistry group. She is involved in the development of novel chemical ligation methods in the peptide field and in the assembly of complex scaffolds.





Hervé DROBECQ is a Study Engineer at Lille 2 University. His expertise is mass spectrometry. Mass spectrometry is a powerful tool to characterize and identify molecules such as peptides, proteins, polysaccharides.










Rémi DESMET is a Technician at the Pasteur Institute of Lille. His expertise is the preparation of micro-nanosystems, and in particular peptide or protein microarrays, and the development of novel surface chemistries. These devices are used for the high throughput study of biomolecular interactions such as library screening, epitope mapping, parallel detection of antibodies…







Alexandra Mougel is an Engineer (IE) at CNRS. Her expertise is cell culture, cell biology (RTK cell signaling, phenotypic in vitro cellular assays) and molecular biology.



Magalie Sénéchal is technician at CNRS. Her expertise is biochemistry, protein analysis (circular dichroïsm, thermal-shift assay, Western blot) and peptide synthesis.