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Lab Equipment

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GP(CONCEPT) -T2 Glove Box, (Jacomex)
- inert atmosphere (N2)
- few ppm O2
- manipulation in the glove box with antistatic gloves
- purification module to remove O2
- surpression (100 to 300 Pa) or low pressure (-100 to -300 Pa) modes to protect reactions from the ambient air or users from the reaction


CHRIST Alpha 2-4 LD+ and CHRIST Gamma 2-20 (Bioblock Scientific)
- ice condenser temperature –85°C (for substances with low freezing points or containing organic solvents or acids such as TFA)
- 2 drying chambers with 24 ports for flasks, round bottom flasks, wide-neck filter bottles or distributors for ampoules

Plate Reader

EnVision 2105 Multimode Plate Reader, (Perkin Elmer)
- filter based fluorescence intensity (top and bottom)
- time-resolved fluorescence (top and bottom)
- luminescence, including glow, flash and dual luminescence
- filter-based absorbance
- fluorescence polarization