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Molecular Interactions

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Surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy


The platform accomodates a Biacore 2000 SPR system. For more information on how surface plasmon resonance (SPR) works, please visit the following SPR wikipedia web page:

SPR wikipedia

AlphaLISA/AlphaScreen detection system


The Alphascreen technique allow to study the binding between two molecules in solution. For example, one binding partner is attach to bead A, whereas the second partner is attach to bead B. Light irradiation of the sample leads to the production of 1O2 by bead A. 1O2 diffuses and reacts with bead B if the beads are close enough together. This reaction leads to fluorescence emission by bead B, which is detected by the system.


- Up to 384-well plates
- Touch Screen: Easy to use; saves desktop space, can be used with gloves
- Pre-coded assay protocols
- Data export in Excel®/text formats to the network or into a USB memory stick
- Easy access to the filter wheel with eight barcode identified filter positions
- Integrated data-analysis software: curve fit (lin-reg, spline, 4PL/5PL), background subtraction, ratio calculation, IC50 calculation, Average, CV %, and Z –value
- Windows® Vista® Operating System